April 13
Head to the or check out the Cactus Pears and Kaslo facebook event for more information.

Nov 26
Cactus Pears have reemerged yet again. The new lineup is Tony, Dan Dreifort, Bryan Gibson, Ashley Ford (The Jarts), Attila Horvath, and Geoff Osterland (Bananarchy). We've got a myspace page and everything! We're working on an awesome show for the Spring Quarter as we speak. Drop a line and let us know what you'd like to hear. We'll keep you posted as events draw nearer. Mark your calendars for April!

Aug 24


Well my friends it's been a long time, I know. Last year was filled with nothing I really care to write about unfortunately but this year promises to not repeat the last. The site has some new MP3's from a collection of songs written from my high school days. They are from a show at the new Front Room in the new Baker Center on the OU campus. I'll be adding songs as they become available. I also have been playing music with a band called the REMarkable Cat Butt. This is an REM cover band. There is a possibility we will be playing November 2nd. I'll keep you updated, I promise. Hope everyone is having a good summer and talk to you later. -t

Feb 18


Tony is set to perform on the local Hometown Showcase."Hometown Showcase" is heard on 770 WAIS-AM and 107.7 WSEO-FM and on WAIS-AM at 10 am on Saturday and Wednesday mornings, and on WSEO-FM Sunday evenings at 7pm . Look for about a 10 song set and some chit-chat. The air dates have not been set yet but keep checking back for updates.

Jan 29


Sorry I haven't gotten to write much in the last like 6 months but there wasn't much to say. Well, that wouldn't be entirely true since I have been working on a new CD, Lucky Penny. It's basically a compilation of many songs I've played over the years that for some reason or another didn't get put on any of my other albums. Here's the tracklist and a brief history of each:

Snowmen and Knit Hats
This song made its first debut on Wondrous Strange, the first Cactus Pears album. It was originally recorded again for the second Athens Musician Network Compilation. The compilation has never been released to my knowlege. I played all the instruments and recorded it at Peach Fork Studios.
Love Song Part I
This was written around 1991. It is the first Tony Xenos love song. Love Song Part I is from a collection of acoustic recordings initially intended for the new Cactus Pears bass player (Jack Sowers) to practice to. The session was recorded by Bryan Gibson.
Fast Trains and Roller Coasters
This originally was a Cactus Pears song. We had hoped to record it for B+. Selected from the above "one-takers" session.
Where the Humans Are
This song is on the Reflector soundrack which is no longer available. It has been cleaned up a bit for Lucky Penny.
My Attention from Me
Again, this version comes from the "one-takers" session mentioned above.
The Day to Day
The Day to Day was a Rubberband Racecar Go song. It hasn't been played live much at all since I wrote it around 2000.
A Ring to Revolve Around
Lucky Penny is unique in that it contains my first love song and my most recent love song. I wrote it for my fiance between the time I knew I was going to marry her and the time I actually asked her to marry me. It is a new recording for the album.
Penny Market
The sing along song. Memorize this for the show on the 4th: "I've been listening closely, I've been realizing slowly, I've been singing your name." This song showcases more of my experimentation with electronic and loop-based music. It is also a new recording.
Thin Enough to Reach
The last track of Reflector. This album's endgame

Lucky Penny will be available online within the next week at the Manasseh Records website. I will post lyrics soon too. Lucky Penny's CD release party will be at the Front Room, February 4th 2006, 9 pm. Come to sing! Come to dance! Come to win free stuff! There's lots of activities planned so be sure to bring yourself and your sib or your mom if you aren't allowed to drive to Athens by yourself. CD's will be $5. Also available, Birthday and Try Autopilot for $10 each. Special guests include: Kyle Harzell, Erica Boehnlein, and the Geoffrobryans.

Sept 21

Hello, hello, hello. I've got some news for ya'll. After prioritizing my music over landscaping this summer I managed to crank out a few new songs, three of which will be on one of Bruce Dalzell's Athens songwriter compilations. Two of the songs are brand new and the other was a Birthday outtake. The songs include :Mindwandering, a loop-based song about the drive to and from work; Beautiful December, a tune that explores the life of a 25 - 30 year old Athens resident, and Answer that Begs the Question, an acoustic oldie but goodie with a Tony Xenos, trademark two-part weaving harmony on the chorus. Some other songs that have come with summer include: A Ring to Revolve Around, The Penny Market, Decades Away, and This Morphing is Crazy. Expect their debuts on the 28th.

The O'Hooley's show on the 28th is gonna rock. Bryan Gibson, Geoff Osterland, and Rob Powell return for a special Halloween show with good friends. I'll be sitting in on drums with the Charlie Hughes ensemble and chatting it up with Jeremy Foltz of Paper Airplane.

Also, my first release, Try Autopilot is now available on CDBaby (itunes soon). Check it out. It's like $10 or something. Some guy in Seattle picked himself up a copy incidentally. You should too if you don't already have one. It's the one with the REM Poster Song on it. Anyway catch ya folks later.

May 30
Hey all, I just had a few shows and now its time for hibernation again. Rest-assured I will be working on new stuff. I have tentatively selected 3 tracks for one of Bruce Dalzell's songwriter compilations: Mind Wandering, Beautiful December, and Decades Away. Also, Troy Gregorino's Benefit CD, Girl with No Name is now available here. My old band Cactus Pears provides 2 tracks, Colliding with Super Girl and Frustrated. Pick up a copy. All proceeds go to pay Troy's medical expenses. The CD is incredible. It also features other local favorites Bruce Dalzell, Tris Kinsley, Harlan Dalzell, Adam Torres, JD Hutchison, Rob Powell, The Story Of, Chris Biester, and many more.
April 12
The time of the independent musician is gone. Tony signs to the gigantic corporate record label Manasseh Records. Well, maybe not gigantic...and not really corporate...yet. Anyway, it was a big step in the right direction. He will join the ranks with fellow Athens musicians Adam Torres, Stella, Troy Gregorino, Mae Klingler, Bruce Dalzell, JD Hutchison, and Courtney Cable. The label is headed up by Jim Harris, the man behind scenes of every great Athens music event.
April 1

Tony is set to play on 2 new compilation cds. The first will be a benefit cd for Athens favorite Troy Gregorino. The cd is set for release in May sometime. The tracks included will be Colliding with Super Girl and Frustrated, both featuring Cactus Pears. The 2 songs were just recently finished at Noisy Boy Studio recorded and mixed by Cactus Pear drummer Bryan Gibson. We'll keep you posted as new information arrives. The 2nd compilation is a project spear-headed by local singer/songwriter Bruce Dalzell. Bruce intends to make a series of songwriter cds each featuring 4 local musicians. Tony is to record sometime this summer. The cd's release date is TBA. Expect something in fall or winter.

March 4

Well, it's been a long time but I've been busy. Apart from the CP show last Halloween and a quick 30 minute gig around Christmas, I haven't played at all. School's been insane but anyway, here's the deal. I've been working on a project with Rob Powell. Right now it's a lot of loops. Mostly I've been playing drums and stuff other than the guitar. I guess playing all the instruments on the last album wasn't enough to keep me satisfied. Look for new MP3's on the site frequently. All the new project recordings will be there. I'm working on adding Snowmen and Knit Hats and Weight of Gravity as soon as I convert the songs to MP3. Give me a week.

I was happy to find out that all my CD's sold at Haffa's. It was nice to get paid. Right now Haffa's is the only place you can pick up Birthday in Athens, globally, Grab one for yourself, your friend, your relative or whatever. You can also download the songs from Birthday on itunes.

As for future gigs, I couldn't tell you for sure, probably not in the next 3 months, but I could change my mind. Tentatively, Rob and I might be ready around Fallish. There is also a possibility of my cousins coming into town for a show perhaps in the summer. All of this is just speculation.


April 21
Athens Music Tribute set to honor local Athens favorites: Bruce Dalzell, Cathy Wicks, Pat White, Chris Biester, Jim Phillips, Southeast Engine, Story Of, Three Speed Rusty, Our Smiling Jesus Band, Billy Rhinehart, Geraldine, Planet 12, Poppycock, Princes of Hollywood, Troy Gregorino, and Cosigner. So far the band is Tony on acoustic, Rob Powell on electric guitar, and Geoff Osterland on bass.
April 20
Tony plays Athen's newest live TV talk show, Fridays Live. Show starts at 9pm on Athens Public Access channel 23, April 23
March 17
Birthday now available at Check out the site. You can listen to 2 minute samples of any tracks on the cd. Also, if you've already got a copy you can write a review.

March 1
New lineup for April's Musician's Potluck is as follows: Tony on bass this time, the legendary Bruce Dalzell on rhythm guitar, Eric "Junebug" Leighton on drums, and talented recluse Rob Powell emerging on lead guitar. The last musician's potuck was a blast and I'm sure this one will rock even harder. The way the show works is all musicians on the bill play a solo set for 20 minutes or so and then one combined set as a band. The event promises up to 4 vocal harmonies at one time and new and exciting arrangements of old favorites.
February 5
Jim Phillips of the ANews interviews Tony. Story here.
February 4

Tony is the Athens Musician Network Artist of the month. Check out the article here. Also, don't forget to push Tony's songs up the AMN charts. Go here and click Killing Time for a Better Now, Toula's Sakoula, or Ted's World

Troy Gregorino states "If I'm forced to choose 10 CDs with which to be stranded on the proverbial deserted island, "Birthday" gets serious consideration." and rates the album: A-. Read the whole review here and an interview here.
January 8
All Star Band members for the CD release include: Bryan Gibson on drums, Geoff Osterland on bass, Josh Antonuccio on electric guitar, Rob Powell on electric guitar, piano, and vocals, Kim Smith on cello, Craig Butz on vocals, Nick Xenos (my dad!) on acoustic, and a special appearance from the one and only Matt Box.
  Two interviews are scheduled for the release hoopla. Tune in to 1340 AM, January 31st at about 11 to catch Stella bass player Dave Baer conversing with Tony on Radio Free Athens. Also, check out 1340 AM on the 3rd of February at about 10:15 pm for a chat with Rachael.
Dec 20
Tony records Snowmen and Knit Hats at Bernie Nau's Peach Fork Studios for the 2nd Athens Musician Network compilation CD. The song's instrumentation includes drums, bass, acoustic and electric guitar, and vocal harmonies all performed by Tony himself. A release date for the CD has not been officially announced.


Gig Archive
January 5
Donkey Coffee - Athens, OH Check out the pics here.
January 15
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Vinton County High School - McArthur, OH  
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Front Room w/ Charlie Hughes  
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May 28
Donkey Coffee - Girl w/ No Name CD Release  

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