Tony Xenos (Singer Songwriter)

With his infectious blend of melodic pop, playful lyrics and soaring instrumentation, Tony Xenos has been writing songs that have hooked audiences and surprised critics for nearly thirty years. Working out of his hometown of Athens Ohio, he channeled an early love for R.E.M. and The Beastie Boys into an eclectic array of projects, including Rubberband Racecar Go, Flyaway Saturn and the beloved college, alt-rock band, The Cactus Pears, performing locally and regionally while helping to shape over a dozen albums in total.


Photo by Rhys Riddell

Tony’s artistic evolution culminated in the breakout success of his 2000 solo album, Try Autopilot, which threaded lyrical longing and combustible energy through a rich acoustic landscape, creating a sound reminiscent of The Decemberists. The years that followed saw him release two more albums that reflected the growing confidence of an artist at peak form, eager to bend the boundaries of experimentation while remaining true to the “the melodic hooks and soaring pop-rock harmonies that fans will quickly spot as his trademarks,” (The Athens News), and which were responsible for making early tracks like “Super Hero” such an immediate hit with audiences.


Tony’s most memorable live appearance may have been before 20,000 costumed revelers at the Halloween block party in uptown Athens, but the high-water mark of his performance career would come with Flyaway Saturn’s back-to-back appearances at the celebrated Nelsonville Music Festival during the same weekends indie-rock darlings Yo La Tengo and The Swell Season took to the stage. Whatever the venue or audience, though, Tony loves nothing more than getting a crowd up on its feet and having a good time.   


Tony’s looking forward to getting back on the road again in support of his new album, Music Heuristic, set for release in 2019. Working with long-time friends and collaborators Rob Powell, Bryan Gibson and Mary Lee Xenos, he’s proud to have crafted a collection of songs inflected with the pathos of our times and fortified by a strong musical vision for the future. This is Tony’s first album in six years.  



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