From the recording Try Autopilot

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Courier Text Reply

To hell with the sentiments
I'm not up for that now
Illustrious, it was yes was us
I'm not up for that now

Yes the months went fast
I won't argue with that
But months to comeĀ 
This is bad

Have I been misconstrued or have I been misleading you?

Do we see eye-to-eye?
Courier text reply
We speak italicized, cauterized
I hesitate to open up this vein
I fear it will still take place

I will be aroundĀ 
When all of these others drown in self aright and quick change
All the advice you hear will mean nothing dear
If you do not believe it yourself
I'm here to help
I refuse to imagine myself in future space
I fear it will not take shape

How can I convince you that I am not that bad?