From the recording Lucky Penny

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Fast Trains and Roller Coasters
I don't envy you but I look up to you
It's best if trash is left unsaid
So you have finally found it
You were always wound around it
Sometimes a string's just got to break
It's gotta break
Fast trains and roller coasters won't get us any closer
To conversational talking
Though I have yet to see it 
I will be forced to believe it
You shook me up 
You made me sing
Whispering almost shaking
Now four years in the making
Did you ever stop to take a breath?
So much for heated distance
It's suffocating, for instance
Nature has stringent boundaries
We all assume we know better
We are all assuming we know everything
The truth is we don't hold ourselves to the letter
Do you think we've all gone and figured it out?
Those of us with more to prove
Bestow our hopes on you
We rely on hope to pull us along
Sometimes a calloused outside 
Hides that we all are tongue-tied
We lose our minds in secrecy 
Chorus (x2)