1. It's About

From the recording Birthday

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It’s About
It’s all about courtroom antics
Biophysics, semantics
Anti-punctual liaisons limited less with a ton less stations

You matter but your team must produce, produce, process less
Complex, nextLike a pendulum swinging or the vain less modest
It’s all about visions, decisions, physicians, and religions
It’s all about trailer park camaraderie and teenage snobbery
It’s all about this is your planet
Goddamn it!
I mean it!
I’ve seen it!
Moving in and out our space
Get it out of my face


You don’t want me on your side
You wouldn’t have it and you’d be wasting time
You don’t want me on your side
You wouldn’t have it and you’d be out of line
You don’t want me on your side
This is what happens when we collide
How does it feel to loose your spine?
You’ve got it all figured out?
Maybe you should figure this in

Distaste, distort, disagree with the plan
Well man, here’s a detour meet you at the seashore
Where she sells beat-up T-cells for a quarter a pop on a pastel backdrop
She looks so calm that I think that I might stop
Flippant speech or a mismatched breach of contact between
What is the median?
What is the mode?
What is the mean?
Can you resurrect the son?
Can you prove there was one?
Working for the boss, the bad-ass force now corporation endorsed


It’s all about eliminating symptoms rearranging time and space to eradicate victims
It’s not about sitting down quietly
It’s about pushing back your opponent
About swallowing regret and not showing it
Like living in a mansion and not owning it