From the recording Lucky Penny

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My Attention from Me

I should be quiet someone might hear 
Me singing a song behind the closed door up here
The fan’s blowing air that I can finally breathe 
The heat has retired and soon so will we
Like those innate souls-finagled, it signals change

Despite the commotion from noisy machines 
You blink your eyes twice and I know what you mean
There is no paper on which to scribble these lines 
I think of your hand and place it in mine

I know I live, I know I give too much in the way of never minding 
Now I’m finding myself asleep
I haven’t opened my eyes in weeks
And it’s taken this lesson to get my attention from me

I should be weary someone might conceive 
That I have all but vanished and left a shell of me
But before we go running with inane thoughts like these
Remember I’ve not abandoned, I’m merely sorry

I know I live, I know I give too much in the way of never minding
Now I’m finding myself like those innate souls-finagled, 
It signals me opening my eyes to see
But no slight intervention will keep my attention from me