1. Sleep Pristine

From the recording Try Autopilot

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Sleep Pristine

Sleep pristine
So that every eager camera captures every little candid picture
You thought was yours alone
You thought you were safe at home

Sweet, pristine
Now that every eager bastard's out to get you in his photo lens
With or without your say
You can't ever get away (even if you run)

Eager to please
They've got every bit of trash I bet you've seen it on the TV set
And you are not amused
They're using your life as food
Wake up pristine
Confused about what you could've been
And what you are is what you wanted then
What you are now is a bitter wreck
You just haven't noticed yet (maybe you should run)

Sleep pristine 
So that every eager glance they give is shattered to the motive
Sleep pristine
How can I sleep pristine?