From the recording Lucky Penny

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Snowmen and Knit Hats
Could you just tell me what's wrong?
Before I make up answer of my own
And it's not like I'll make you go walk some line
Don't be like lonely people who never smile
And I'd buy you a pencil from Berlin
Except that it's a place I've never been
And I'd buy you a hair tie for your braids
But you'd just probably lose it anyway
I'm sorry to wake you
Would you mind if I crashed on your floor
I have been staring at the ceiling in my own bed
I'm not very sleepy now
There's too much in my head
Dress me up and make me remember
Snowmen and knit hats in December
No one should forget to have their fun
That's why I'm still a little kid to most everyone
With $40 and a car
I never thought in a day I'd drive that far
So much for those promised souvenirs
But I spent four hours remembering seven years
It's 2:30 in the morning
And I have just been given my final warning
I wonder if someone will beat me up
Lately I've been wondering about a lot of stuff
A fight has broken out once again
Between a little clueless girl and three so-called me
The sound echoes so softly in the this room
I think I'll head to be though pretty soon
Run outside right now
While you've still got time
Because you never know when something's gonna blow