1. Ted's World

From the recording Birthday

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Ted’s World

I’ve seen 10,000 lazy mothers talking nonsense on a park bench
I’ve seen 300 biased fathers making decisions for a nation
You haven’t changed my mind at all 
I still fit right where I belong
Right here in my chair, I’ll see it all

Yes, I’ve seen a shooting star in the night time that needed it most
Yes, I’ve read 200 stories half of which I didn’t understand
You haven’t changed my mind at all
I still fit right where I belong
Hey man, you’re not small


You see that guy waiting for a train
He’s done his hard time Ted
As a smile crosses his face he knows his life was not a waste

Inside your outside is your inside
Besides you are now
Stay I’m here

I’ve had 15 ardent friendships ending with a school year
I’ll pick up 15 more in the fall but lose them again in time for summer
I know philosophy runs in circles
I know that I run with it
I hope this thing is not a race


What makes this that?
What makes that there?
What makes this here?
Who put you there?
This is a place but I don’t know where


I’ve seen the tops of many mountains
The bottoms of many boots
I’ve seen the working and the willing overcome what they could’ve been
You haven’t changed my mind at all
You’ve trapped yourself inside your walls
Hey Ted, you are small

Chorus x2