1. Velocity

From the recording Try Autopilot

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You let me down again
Why should I have thought you would be any different?
Take your place with the rest
I'm sure you'll fit right in (right in)

Don't wait just pass her by 
We've been out of range for days
Don't think, just let it alone
At no specific time I'm at home
I withdraw;
I'm compelled to leave wherever I find myself

You let me down, so what
This is not about what I want
It was never but I talked myself into thinking it couldn't be any better (better)

Don't wait
It'll pass you by
One moment your everything just dies
Don't think this is everything I feel
It's easier to hate than to deal
I swear, I've gone to every corner to get you out of my head


I get up
Knocked right down 
Now my everything shifts a little
All I can think of is me, me, me
Sorry to say I'm so selfish but we all are
I give up
I give up

You let me down again
I refused to ever see it coming
I got caught in the avalanche
Too good to be true, too caught up in you (in you)

Don't say you're over it so soon
Then again, I was the only one who was not matched
From the beginning I could see the final catch