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From the recording Birthday

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9 hours of frustration
You ask me if I can help out?
I put in my time here
I’m not sticking around right now
It’s not enough this knot tightens
With every single deplorable day
It’s not right I sit and take this cuz you can’t
Do your job the right way

You can kick yourself in the mouth
I’ve about had enough and you're not helping me out
You're not helping me out!


I’m sorry your life didn’t turn out
The way that you planned
But there’s a hell of a lot of people here
Who can’t quite understand
How someone like you could end up
At the top
When all you ever do is fuck up

I can’t even begin to start
I think I’m about to start to finish
I think I’m about to lose it
I think I’m about to find a road and use it
You can grit my dust in your teethT
his place is shit
And all you are is a feeb ( I wish you would leave)


I’m living for the paycheck
I'm not sticking out my neck
I’m not taking this home
I am not alone

In thinking that you can abuse us
And use us for free
Well, your own now 
You’re not getting any help from me
With every two-faced smile you’ve slowly crossed the line
I won’t be laughing with you this time

I’m sorry my life didn’t turn out like I thought
But there’s a hell of a lot of life left
To throw up my hands and give up
It will kill me to grow old here in this place
Running around with the rats in the race