From the recording Try Autopilot

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Whatever Everything

Out of myself I am clearly out of my mind
This has occurred now the millionth, bazillionth time
If I trace back to the matter
I'd get caught in the latter or now

You said it'd be better to wait 
Look where I am now 
This isn't helping at all
It'd be better if we didn't regret this whole thing
Look where we are now 
This isn't helping at all
I'm a clown on a spring
Whatever everything

You say it'll get better
It doesn't get better fast enough ever
An hour, a day, a month?
This is taking forever
You said that this would be tough
You have no fucking clue
This is decaying love
Circles and rings
Whatever everything

My brain is killing me
I've been thinking so much
I can't sleep

This is just what I get
I should catch it before I commit
I was all I was cracked up to be and now I've left for sure

You said it'll be better this way
You could even care less what I have to say
Princes and kings
Whatever everything
Whatever everything
Whatever everything