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Seven on a Railroad Track

Fading strange but I feel the same
And I'm running around again
Fading strange but I feel the same
And I'm running around again

When you’ve reached for the hand of reassurance
Tell me, how does it feel?
Is it cold?
Do you remember?
Was it too long ago?

So, you think you’ve found your cure
Well, nobody knows anything for sure
The vagueness will keep you going
Taunting and annoying
Until you’ve had enough…

Of those who are staring
They are burning through your window
You should be so lucky
Some don’t have a window at all
Go make the money for the promises you’ll break

I’m not alone in a world unknown
But I am aware of what’s here
Observing with my eyes open
Creating a moment that only I see

Treading water
In fading sunlight
I drift farther from the shoreline
In my mind I’m screaming but nothing is coming out
Alone in the sound
I may never be found

I’ve been running around in circles
Yeah, I know
And it took many years
Before I had something to show
Not 12 hours and seven on a railroad track
More like oh, twenty-some years
Rehashing the past

So I'll keep this open
Because only you know for sure
Down to what you can prove
What you call the truth
It'll be different for you

Don’t talk politics or religion
Because no one is really listening
And all they want to do is change your mind
Hold strong
You don’t have to belong

Don’t talk to me
Cuz I know what you’re doing
And you won’t change my mind

Go feel what you think is real