1. Landslide

From the recording Music Heuristic

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I threw a brick through a window
I didn’t wait around for the noise
My feet pounding heavy on pavement
As I laughed with the other boys
I made a conscious choice
Growing up is taking back your life

It’s peculiar
It’s hard to describe
Like finding steady ground in a landslide
We know what’s right but we don’t always abide
And having ended a vital sojourn
Now coming into your own on your own terms
Roving blind, wrestling to discern
Authentic and absurd

I’ve been listening through the noise
And I think I hear a voice
It’s my own

I can’t believe my eyes
Oh yet another divine surprise
But novelty and confusion combine to mesmerize
From within the depths of darkness
Burst a million rays of light

And it’s in hope that we choose to confide
That we won’t bury ourselves in a landslide
Indecision has rendered me a wreck
I’m frozen in time and I can’t
Leave it alone and then come back
Because my thoughts will move on to something else
And I’ll have lost how I felt