Party Crashers

I was candid
I am aiming
At the new world order that was gaining
Ground while we were all complaining

Somebody told me that you
Marched in protest at OU
The whole thing made the campus news

But I’m not listening
I’m just pissed again at him
Is this really happening?
We’ve done it now
There’s no way out

Don’t blame yourself
But don’t blame anybody else
Fear can convince us all
We are blind and
Undermined and
Redefined as
Mindless masses
Party crashers

Yes, I’ve been tactless
I’ve been heartless
At my wits' end and I couldn't help this
Distraction from our conversation

But now I’m listening
Clearing my head of everything
The silence is deafening
Take deep breaths
Don’t talk yet…

I blame myself
As much as anybody else
Mob mentality in desperate times is divorced from
Calm and reason
All detractors
Raise the rafters
Party crashers

Suddenly, I lose myself
In doubt
In greed
With stuff I don’t need
But you’re gonna set me right
Now, it won’t happen overnight
Teaching this old dog now will take patience
And dedication
All your brilliance

No, I’m not like you
Well, maybe just a little here lately
At my worst but not for long

I’m not static and stuck
I can adapt and then change things up
As for you, well hey, good luck
Off I went
My message sent

This isn’t over yet
Let’s see how far we can get
On fumes and some self-respect
End the madness
And the sadness
Drive back the fascists
And seasoned classists
Party crashers

Leave a little light, leave a little light on
Leave a little light, leave a little light on